Building Wash
New Zealand is known for having four seasons in one day. Over each year that means our outdoor surfaces take a real beating, putting up with everything from scorching sun, wind blown dust and dirt, rain and snow. Whether it’s time to clean off winter slime or summer dust and grime, Zealand Solutions offers safe & superior, professional pressure washing services for a variety of outdoor surfaces.

Depending on the exterior cladding of your home, pressure washing may be your best option for a complete housewash; with our extendable poles and pressure up to 3000 psi we can thoroughly clean everything from your aluminum or wooden fascia, soffits and eaves to a general clean for your rockcote, brick, linea, weatherboard, corrugated iron or roughcast exterior, trim and moldings.

Part of routine home maintenance is regular house washing. Many of the modern cladding systems require annual house washing as part of the warranty terms. Combined with driveway and path cleaning or water blasting, specialist cleaning of timber and exterior decking, your home and surrounds will look like new.

We'll Make It Look New Again!
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Annual Property Care Program
11 good reasons why we recommend Zealand Solutions for your housewashing and property pressure washing maintenance:

1. Most paint professionals agree that the paint on your house will last 25% to 50% longer if you have your building washed annually.

2. Regular building washing removes moss, lichen, mould & algae, which reduces staining and saves costly premature painting.

3. Building Washes remove the dirt & dust build up from harsh winds that collect up under the eaves and around window frames, keeping your windows cleaner for longer as the rain runs of a clean surface.

4. Zealand Solutions cleans from the gutter down, removing green build up from under the gutter.

5. A clean mould/moss free property reduces long term damp, attracting discerning tenants.

6. General property maintenance of paths & decks reduce accidents caused by slipping on dangerous coatings of moss & algae.

7. Regular property maintenance keeps your property at it's highest value, preventing rotting and premature aging of surface coverings.

8. Optional spray on mould deterrent after washing ensures ongoing reduction of moss & algae returning.up to 2 years.

9. Regular cleaning of awnings are a must for effective water runoff and stain prevention.

10. Zealand Solutions offers all customers a satisfaction guaranteed service tailored to your individual requirements. We understand cladding systems and painting techniques.

11. Zealand Solutions uses a variety of biodegradable cleaning solutions that soften the dirt & mildew on surfaces before washing thoroughly, usually at low pressure with wide nozzles to prevent paint peeling.
Each job is priced separately based on scope of work, access to surfaces and the size of the house or business. After viewing the property we will give you a quote and an explanation of what is involved. There is no obligation to go ahead unless you are happy with the quote.