Commercial Cleaning
Zealand Solutions provides a superior commercial cleaning service with our expert cleaning team. Each job is initially undertaken by a Team Leader and the quality checking team Mary Macharper leads.

Check your cleaning situation.
  • Are your preparation & eating areas clean?
  • Is the kitchen sink & bench unstained?
  • What about the wall behind the rubbish bin? 
  • What about the bin itself?
  • Check the taps, sink & hot water handle?

We think all office cafeterias or kitchens should be thoroughly sanitised at each clean. Not just wiped down. Customer satisfaction comes down to clear communication and a willingness to respond to client needs…then ongoing quality control carried out on a regular basis.

We Guarantee A Superior Cleaning Service.

Zealand Solutions often gets called after clients get sick of undelivered promises or constant switching of franchise operators. On-going quality control is the solution and regular auditing of specifications and performance ensures that clients get what they need.
We Take Security Seriously.

In most cases commercial cleaning is completed outside of office hours. Cleaners need to be trusted to disable alarms, work professionally around personal items without disruption to papers & notes on desks, and then re-set the alarm properly, leaving the office clean, tidy & sanitised.

Zealand Solutions uses the most effective, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning methods available today, caring for the health of your office staff.
Affordable, fair, down to earth pricing. Allow us the opportunity to audit your services and provide you a quote for your workplace cleaning solutions.